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Charitable Institute

Location of the Center

The main location of The Charitable Institute in Tehran – Pasdaran Ave. – End of Shahid Akhavan Street (Second Garden) Shahid Afshari Street – Above Saghdoush Hall – Vahdat Alley – No. 4

The center is one of the oldest charity centers in the area of ​​rehabilitation of mentally handicapped people in the area, which started with the aim of caring for disabled girls over fourteen years old with mental and physical disabilities. The Humanitarian Center is based on the goodwill, cash and non-cash donations of charitable, non-governmental and grassroots people who, in collaboration with physicians and educators in the areas of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dentistry and education (for educated clients), provide specialized services to these loved ones.

The mission statement of the Charitable Institute is to extend care services to greater numbers of mentally handicapped people from the low-income strata. The Charity Center was created by a team of motivated and dedicated volunteers, and with the help of generous benefactors, who now work in the field of rehabilitation. Currently, the Institute has the capacity to accommodate 200 people, providing services to female mentally retarded clients with the capacity to accept more special needs people.